I got my notice in yesterday’s mail. The little tear-along-the-dotted-line herald of the Bush Administration’s “Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.” Seems I’m to receive $600, with which I am tacitly instructed to run right out and purchase a flat-screen TV. Oh, that’s right….TVs cost more than $600, don’t they? But GW wouldn’t know that. I imagine it’s been, well…maybe never. I imagine George W. Bush never purchased a television in his life.

Any more than George the First had bought a gallon of milk or a pound of ground beef at the local grocery store.

Economic Stimulus. Right. How about “Economic Boo-boo Kiss?”

Dad has ripped off my right arm and beaten the snot out of me with it. And as I lie on the carpet exsanguinating, Mom kneels beside me and coos, “Here, honey…let Mommy kiss the boo-boo…”