Yesterday, Robin and her husband drove all the way out to the back of beyond to stop by the café for a visit. They flew in to Portland for a trip down to Salem to see their daughter at Willamette University. Scappoose is NOT on the way… It was a lovely visit, at a time when I really needed to know that my ethereal “friends” are indeed real people.

It’s funny, isn’t it, when you finally get to see someone you know but have never met. Did you ever experience that? Like when you get a glimpse of a favorite radio personality on TV or in person; you have a picture in your mind formed purely from the sound of the voice. And then you see them, and you think, “Well, that person doesn’t look at all the way they sound.”

I have to say, I had that experience with Robin yesterday. She has (as far as I can recall) never graced us with a picture of herself in her journals. And on first sight, she didn’t look at all the way I had pictured her in my mind. And yet, after sitting down and talking with her for about thirty seconds, I realized she looked exactly how she should look. Exactly like a scholar, and a writer, and a teacher, and an aspring divinity student. Does that make any sense? I’m sorry…I don’t make a lot of sense these days….

Anyhow, thank you for visiting, my dear. And for choking down that quesadilla which I suspect wasn’t what it should have been. And I hope to see you again someday when we can spend more time, and I am more coherent. :-]

I have not posted here in almost two months. I just don’t have the time or the energy to maintain this blog. I’m doing most of my posting at my old AOL Blog, “Coming to Terms.…”–that comfortable cyber home that I could not bring myself to abandon even after the AOL armageddon… “Better Terms” was meant to be the place for my “next level” writings. But I find I don’t have any of that in me right now. So I am going to officially abandon this place, at least for awhile…until I recover some semblance of higher brain activity. Anyone who wants to check in on me from time to time, you will find me at Coming to Terms… With AOL’s new hugely ecumenical policies, you should even be able to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading. :-]