A month ago, I wondered where all the bloggers went when they left the service that dare not speak its name. The new blogs lay untouched for long periods of time. It made me think that perhaps having to pick up and move elsewhere had soured the writers on the whole idea of blogging. Now I realize where they went, for I am mired in that same sucking mudhole.

I’m up to my neck in the old entries. Funny how swimming around in all the forgotten words and ideas has robbed me of all inspiration to write anything new (temporarily, I hope…) . It’s been such a monumental task to pull all those words out of cyberspace, and cache them in a form that is under my control. I’m only saving them as Word documents at the moment. At some future time, I’ll print them out and buckle them into my big binder. Why does that seem safer to me than storing them on my hard drive or a CD? Right now, I am under the gun just to inject them into my computer…I have four days to get this done. Somehow, I think it’s not gonna happen…

Interesting, though, this trip down Virtual Memory Lane. How surprising was the unexpected development of a “journal community!” It sprang up like lightning, sparked across the virtual horizon like a giant meteor, and then, as quickly, began to diminish and decay. There was a steady exodus going on even before the final blow-out. Perhaps anything that catches fire so quickly and blazes so brightly is doomed to a brief life…it just burned itself out.

And each of us expatriates has stood at the fork in the road and pondered which path to take. New community? Virtual diary? The seed of something different, something more? I thought I had made my decision… But my visit to the past has pointed out one troubling fact about the j-land community as it was in its heyday. I enjoyed it. And I miss it. What to do?